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Freelancium Coaching

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You're already a freelance writer, so congratulations! You're partway to the Promised Land. But you're not quite there yet. You're wondering how to get more work, better work, earn more money, write better, get your finances in shape, enjoy writing more, and build the life you had in mind when you went this route. 

You're who Freelancium Coaching is for. 

One-on-one or in group video sessions, I'll personally coach and advise you on all those topics and more, drawing on my 26+ years as a freelancer. I'll share what I've learned, best practices I've uncovered, and give you specific resources and to-dos that will move your career forward today. We'll also have fun. 

- Business development & branding

- Project & client management

- Writing quality

- Personal finances

- Entrepreneurship & goals

- Lifestyle

Ready to do this? Set up your free intro coaching call below!

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