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What the hell is Freelancium?

Freelancium Bug 3.png

Remember studying the Periodic Table in school? Helium, radium, cesium, and so on...essential elements for life. Freelancium is the essential element for a thriving life as a freelance writer.

When you went freelance, you probably had some goals. Make a good income. Enjoy the freedom. Choose your projects. Live a cool lifestyle. Or maybe you're thinking about going freelance, and you want those things, too. That's why I created Freelancium. It's a clearinghouse of information, advice, expert tips, coaching, resources, and encouragement—exactly what a freelancer like you needs to become great, earn more money, do award-winning work, and lead the kind of life you've always dreamed of.

That's what Freelancium is. So, check it out. Read the articles. Watch some videos. Grab a cocktail (we don't actually sell cocktails, but I would kill for a Moscow Mule). Comment. Have fun. Connect. And if you really want to dig in, subscribe and let's get busy. Welcome!

Image by Chris Spiegl
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